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Safety Hard Hat With Built-In Solar Powered Fan

Construction Hard Hat With Integrated Cooling Fan
The new and innovative safety hard hat and integrated solar powered fan safely relieves workers of the side effects of the heat while keeping workers cool, safe and productive.
solar powered construction hard hatConstruction, manufacturing and mining workers can now safely be relieved of the heat and warm climates while keeping cool and productive on the job or when in hazardous-zone or dangerous environment. The technologically advanced featured construction and manufacturing of this specific safety hard hat model features an integrated operational solar panel and built in ventilated fan. The built-in solar fan safely operates independently without electricity and is 100% powered by the sun and environmentally safe to operate for hours of continuous outdoor use while safely ventilating and cooling concurrently.

hard hat with solar powered fan This newly revised safety hard hat model has been carefully crafted to resist moisture and bacteria while safely keeping you comfortable and cool from elementary side effects of the heat. The solid hard core shell construction and high density rain trough is designed to relieve those in the field of construction, manufacturing, mining and other related field positions, implementing the latest technology and highest grade level polyethylene and antibacterial materials inside and out the helmet channel.  This model also sports built-in secured chin strap

Construction hard hat with solar powred fan .                              
The all new safety hard hats with integrated solar powered fan are now available to the United States through selected retail channel outlets via 

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