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Ultimate Virtual Video Glasses

The the future has arrived in audio and video virtual reality is here. Your gaming experience has made a shunning turn far beyond what you could ever imagine and taking the gaming industry by storm. You are the virtual game now.  Play your video games in real time from anywhere discreetly on your virtual crystal clear 84 inch widescreen in 3-D!

Now you can travel the world, skydive, even try that roller coaster you've been fretting as you enjoy your favorite videos discreetly in surround-sound in 2D or 3D from anywhere with the latest new virtual video glasses. How incredible is that? Cinematic virtual video glasses can also be used in conjunction with your cell phone for the ultimate viewing experience. Just imagine watching your favorite videos on your own personal 84 and wide screen with surround-sound from anywhere in high definition?

Everyone is getting in on latest eyewear gadget with video glasses. What exactly are video glasses? Video Glasses give you virtual reality effect using the ability to navigate and control deeply immersive activities around your movies, TV, music, sports and games.Virtual video glasses also recognized under other names, such as gaming glasses, Cinema glasses, theater glasses, virtual reality glasses and so on. Each is recognized with its own unique virtual video characteristics. Virtual video glasses are available in 2-D as well as 3-D virtual widescreen video display.

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Virtual Private Theater Glasses - 52 Inch Wide Screen Display

Wholesale Price: $94.32